We write software.. but so much more.

We look at your business and show you where software can revolutionise your processes and operations.

From aerospace to lumber yards - there are always ways to improve, scale, maximise sales and efficiency - we will show you exactly how and help you realise your potential with our bespoke software.


Cutting edge bespoke systems ranging from embedded applications, CRM, B2B, Lead Generation, Websites, Micro Services and Cloud based systems, Secure Communication through to iOS and Android apps.


We understand the rapid changing requirements of businesses today so we live by Agile methodologies. Delivery in small and fast increments enables us to get instant feedback from our clients and most importantly get you up and running sooner.

Our Team

Our team is a group of industry proven tech wizards. We mainly come from finance, aerospace and defence backgrounds and this gives us a wide range of experience working on high availability, low latency, distributed systems using the latest technologies and approaches.